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Indian Karaoke Tracks

Yamaha Karaoke Styles

What is a Yamaha Karaoke Tabla Style File ???

These Yamaha karaoke tabla styles are the Beats/ Rhythms for Yamaha keyboards with Intros and Interlude pieces added into Intro I, II, III buttons, so you don't need to learn how to play these music pieces. During your performance while singing, just press one of the Intro buttons and a perfect music Intro or Interlude piece will be played automatically and then it will come back to Main A, B, C or D. Now. all you need to understand is what KHARJ note you are going to sing the song with, so press the right note or Chord (Major/ Minor) before using Intro buttons. The real beauty of the Yamaha Karaoke Tabla Styles is that the style will adjust to your preferred scale.

When you start playing the song just play the chord on the (left) accompaniment side and the intro will automatically adjust to play in the scale of your chord. These styles include all possible Intros Variations Break Ending available in a song. There is a limitation of bars/measures in Yamaha keyboard style formation. Musician have limitation in no of bars/measures. Longer bar or measure cannot be created in the keyboard.  For example in a song where singer is singing la la la la la will be played by musician. What is in the demo will be available in the karaoke style. First style (beat) is created then we record mp3 demo song with that style/beat.

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