About Us

TablaStyles.com is one of the best desi music teaching website in the region. We have produced many teach-yourself keyboard, piano and harmonium eBooks. We have our own best music production unit where we make high quality karaoke tracks of Bollywood, Pakistani songs. All of our karaoke tracks come in both Mp3 and Mp4 formats with synchronized lyrics. We specialize in making customized karaoke tracks of your choice. Our studio musicians use Cubase to sequence music tracks to ensure your music track is as professional as can be. Project files of a music sequence can also be provided on request without extra charges. We accept customized orders as well.


We create Tabla style files for Yamaha and Korg keyboards using Indian Kit and sounds as well as MIDI songs so you can sing your favorite songs along with the real beats and instrument tones. We also create Yamaha karaoke songs styles. Yamaha karaoke styles are the Beats/ Rhythms for Yamaha keyboards with Intros and Interlude pieces added into Intro I, II, III buttons, so you don't need to learn how to play these music pieces for your performance while singing, just press one of the Intro buttons and a perfect music Intro or Interlude pieces will be played automatically and then it will come back to Main A, B, C or D. All you need to understand is what KHARJ note you are going to sing the song with, so press the right note or Chord (Major/ Minor) before using Intro buttons. The real beauty of the Karaoke Styles is that the style will adjust to your preferred scale.


We can compose musical arrangements and sequence a quality music track for you or for your album. We can even tune up your recorded vocals, mix and master.  We accept payments through PayPal and all major credit cards.


All of our products are delivered digitally via a download link in the email/ your Account Downloads section on the website. You will get an instant download link immediately after you make the payment and you will be downloading the product right into your device.


We are a team of professional musicians and singers having decades of experience in producing commercial and private music.

Our Contact:

29C Lane 4 Bukhari Commercial DHA 6, Karachi Pakistan

Telephone: 00923432270857